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Travis - Senior Stylist

Travis has been a journeyman hairstylist for 8 years. He has honed his craft and is proficient in all facets of hairstyling, both men's and women's. He has a certain flair for cutting hair especially when it comes to curly hair. His clientele consists of quite a number of male clients. He is also particularly good with children and teens, as he has the natural ability to connect with his younger clients.

When Travis is not working behind the chair, he is working in Edmonton's fashion scene. He spends his time working on a multitude of photoshoots ranging from editorial to maternity shoots and working behind the scenes at fashion shows.

He is also an avid fan and player of video games, spending most of his free time playing Nintendo games and watching a variety of films from every era. If he is not talking about video games or movies, he is talking about plants. Travis has a love for all of his green babies and is always interested in hearing about others' plant children.

Travis has a passion for his career and would love to have you in his chair. Just like the rest of the staff at Salon Front Boutique because we love what we do!