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Sarah - Master Stylist

The owner of Salon Front Boutique is none other than the extremely talented Sarah. One of the co-founders of the original SalonFront, she's going on 10 years keeping the dream alive. With 22 years in the industry, Sarah is a highly accomplished hairstylist. Throughout her years she has participated in many competitions. Some of the more notable competitions she attended were the times she won gold for Skills Canada both provincially and nationally for ladies hairstyling. Alongside her time spent competing she has plenty of experiences working multiple photoshoots and fashion shows.

Additionally, a majority of her clients come in for her masterful skills in colouring hair. Sarah has perfected the art of formulating and colouring hair. She also has a passion for colouring and cutting funky hair. She thrives in pushing the boundaries on what conventional is. Not only does she have a knack for colouring hair she also has a particular talent in cutting and styling curly hair.

On the more personal side of Sarah, she owns a variety of animals. She has a snake named Oscar, a dog named June, and a cat named Monster. When she's not taking care of her animals she’s either spending her time in the kitchen or the garage. She loves to bake and loves to work on cars. As a self-proclaimed “gear-head” she is always in and around cars.

The dedication and love that Sarah has poured into her career make her one of the many skilled hairstylists at salonFront Boutique. She truly defines the meaning of we love what we do!